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Beat the boss. Well done!

Since you plan to develop it a bit more... I think some left and right movement could have upped the challenge a fair bit as it was a bit on the easy side. Also, deterrent for spamming bullets (like lowering your score) would be good as bullet spamming makes it a bit easy as well. Maybe just a slightly longer bullet timer?


Thank you for your feedback!

Indeed i was planning on adding some kind of animation to the player ship for the left and right movement, its on the to do list! Also thing like power ups hopefully!

Also thinking about the fire rate of the player ship to avoid spamming.

Glad you liked it!

Fun little game, and I liked that I got to choose my captain name/face at the start! Love the animation when I hit the enemies.

Nice job! I especially love the music and sound design. Very satisfying to hit enemies and hear all the little "pew" noises!